Wedding albums

~Wedding Book~
Our Wedding Books are ideal way to keep your wedding memories and share them with your family and friends. Your pictures are printed directly on the page, so you do not have the problem of falling out pictures,different effects emphasize the emotions on every page. The wedding books come in different sizes from 12'x8' and up to 16'x20'. We are offering a great variety of the covers for your books. We are designing the wedding books like a story book, every page is dedicated to the different moments from your Big Day. Bride and Groom can choose their own title for their wedding album. And of course there is wonderful opportunity to buy a smaller versions of your Wedding Album for parents and also for the friends. Our tiny Pocket albums are really hit among our brides and grooms.

~Digital Matt Album~
Digital Matt Album is another great album we are offering our brides and grooms. This album comes only in one size 10'x14', but it comes with very beautiful white box, what makes this album look more mysterious and of course give it extra protection. The pictures are printed directly on colored matt boards,we can add different frames and textures to every picture, they can be matt or raised varnished, what gives them a 3D effect. The pictures have a special coating, which protects them from fading. First time in digital printing era, you will be able to add translucent pages between the pictures, and your album will get old classic view. Your own title and one of various covers we offer will personalize your memories and make them even more special.

~Young Book~
Digital Young Book is one more great alternative to our Wedding Book.
When I first saw this album, I was impressed with its simplicity, minimalism, but it still looks very elegant and modern.
The albums comes with the same style rigid box, and you can choose same or different material and colors for album and box. The cover of the Young Book is thinner and simpler, but "Simple is the best" is the best description for this album.
We are offering Our Young book comes in three different size: 8'x10', 10'x14' and 14'x18' with minimum 30 pages. The pictures are directly printed on the pages, like in all our wedding albums.